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Body/Mind/Change is an immersive storytelling extension of David Cronenberg: Evolution. Starring David Cronenberg, with creative direction and experience design by Lance Weiler. The co-production with TIFF and CFC Media Lab, Body/Mind/Change takes audiences through a Cronenbergian storyworld inspired by the film Videodrome but reimagined for the 21st century and brought to life across three platforms – online, mobile, and the real world. With plotlines and game mechanics involving biotechnology start-ups, body enhancements, and emotional learning systems, Body/Mind/Change presents the plausible science fiction found in Cronenberg’s work as science fact. With this multi-platform immersive narrative ride players experience first-hand the emotional steps involved in merging with technology to transform and evolve oneself, one of the key themes Cronenberg explores in his works.




MUSE AWARDS (American Alliance of Museums)

Winner: MUSE Jim Blackaby Ingenuity Award, 2014

This award runs across all categories and is not given every year.

“This award recognizes a project that exemplifies the power of creative imagination in the use of media and technology – a project that has a powerful effect on its audience, and one that stands above the others in inventiveness and quality. The winner is selected from submissions to the MUSE awards of all categories…”


Honorable Mention: Games and Augmented Reality, 2014

This project thinks outside the box to pitch ideas and technologies for museums. It combines science, technology, and imagination. It is creepy but fun and full of imagination. The whole environment is full of a mysterious atmosphere.



Honoree: Games, 2014



BODY/MIND/CHANGE tours the world for the next four years.

More details coming soon…