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Lyka’s Adventure is an experiential learning project that uses collaboration and creative problem solving to put education directly in the hands of students. Last fall, two classrooms, a continent apart, worked together to get a lost robot home. Over 10 days the robot named Lyka traveled 2000 plus miles, visited 56 cities and found support from students, parents and teachers in 12 countries all powered by the imagination of the students. Later this year Lyka will travel the globe visiting students and schools as the storyworld expands. At the conclusion of the project Lyka is scheduled to be shot into space aboard a NASA rocket. The hope is when the children look up into the night sky they’ll be reminded of how far their imaginations can carry them.

In May 2014, Lyka traveled to Australia to kick off a global tour that will go for the next two years. Penguin is publishing 8 books that will capture Lyka’s Adventure around the world. The first book will be released in the US this coming fall.


Learning Experiment Sparks Student Imagination With Cute Robots.MASHABLE

The project could become something of a model for education… exposing the participants to critical thinking skills and structured creativity that the students will need to be successful. WIRED

Lyka’s litte adventure could be the next big innovation in how kids learn across platforms.COOLMOMTECH.COM


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Creator / Experience Designer:
Lance Weiler

Creative Producer:
Janine Saunders

Author of book series / app experience design:
Atley Loughridge

  • Connected Sparks Inc.
  • 2011 and ongoing
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