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June 22, 2013

IndieWire Influencer

Last week Indiewire named Lance one of their 2013 Influencers. A new feature that focuses on 40 individuals and companies who are driving the industry forward and innovating new models.

Filmmaking doesn’t get much more next-level than Weiler’s oeuvre, which has always dealt with the intersection of technology and narrative in fascinatingly dense, innovative ways. Long before the Producers Guild created a transmedia credit, Weiler was working on strategies for engaging audiences in the world of his movies rather than asking them to just sit there and watch them.

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April 22, 2013

GOOD 100

GOOD magazine has named Lance one of the people who are pushing the world forward in 2013. A 100 people were chosen from a range of fields and disciplines. It is a wonderful list of people doing amazing things. SEE MORE.

I made the following presentation in London this past fall.

From the Power to the Pixel program
“Lance shares his first hand experience in what it takes to build original storyworlds. From Pandemic 1.0 which invaded the Sundance Film Festival this year, to his new participatory storytelling trilogy, Reboot Stories, which kicked off this year with an actual space launch – Lance pulled back the curtain on the process and shared his experience at Power to the Pixel’s Cross-Media Forum, October 2011.”

Here’s a recent article from WIRED that provides some insight into Robot Heart Stories and what some of the takeaways of the experience were.


Robot Heart Stories Sends Kids on Cross-Country Trek Fueled by Imagination

By Mildred I Lewis

Image by Mike Hedge and Tiffani Bearup

“Lance Weiler’s most recent project began with a simple yet provocative question: can a robot reboot education? To answer that question, Weiler collaborated with fellow Workbook Project contributor Janine Saunders in creating Robot Heart Stories with a team of more than 50 creative professionals.

For the project, students in a Los Angeles elementary school class and a Montreal media workshop teamed up to send Laika, a small female robot scientist, from Canada to California. As a team of award-winning photographers drove the robot across country, the 42 students fueled Laika’s journey with stories, videos and letters. Photographers and other artists brought the children’s work to life and, in turn, uploaded their work to the website.”
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November 19, 2011

Bears, Robots and travel


I’m excited to be part of the creative team working on Bear 71, a wonderful project from Leanne Allison & Jeremy Mendes. I’m co-creating the installation and doing experience design in conjunction with the National Film Board of Canada. Bear 71 unfolds at Sundance as an official selection of New Frontier this coming January.

From the Sundance site:

Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison’s poignant interactive documentary about a bear in the Canadian Rockies illuminates the way humans engage with wildlife in the age of networks, satellites, and digital surveillance. Audiences from around the world can use their smartphones to become part of an interactive forest environment rich with bears, cougars, sheep, deer, and people as they follow an emotional story of a grizzly bear tagged and monitored by Banff National Park rangers.


Special engagements

Nov 29th in Melbourne
Screen Australia and StoryLabs are teaming up for a special day entitled MULTI-PLATFORM STORYTELLING – FROM IDEA TO MARKET. I’m the opening keynote for the event which is a gathering of top storytellers from around the world.

Dec 7th in NYC
I’ve been invited to do a special day long workshop at the Writer’s Guild of America on the future of storytelling. I’ll be joined by my writing partner Chuck Wendig. The day will explore how to design stories and social experiences that are positioned for the connected world that we live in.


Robot Heart Stories

Over 10 days in October, the beta release of Robot Heart Stories took place. It far exceeded my expectations. With over 50 collaborators in 8 countries the project reached students around the world. Robot Heart Stories engaged two main classrooms (one in Montreal and one in LA) but also spread to mix of students working across different subjects in various grades. Together the students helped Laika (the robot they named!) to travel from Montreal to LA. Early next year, we’ll launch Laika along with copies of the student’s artwork and stories into space. For more on the project visit

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I wrote about co-creation and participatory storytelling in my Fall Column for Filmmaker Magazine