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By lw in Cronenberg

Cronenberg Project

Lance’s newest project Body/Mind/Change is an immersive storytelling experience that places viewers / players in David Cronenberg’s world. Utilizing state of the art technology and innovative methods of storytelling, the project explores various themes found within Cronenberg’s work.

Body/Mind/Change is the digital experience extension of the film exhibition David Cronenberg: Evolution. A Lance Weiler project and co-production with TIFF and CFC Media Lab, Body/Mind/Change takes audiences through a Cronenbergian storyworld inspired by the film Videodrome but reimagined for the 21st century and brought to life across three platforms – online, mobile, and the real world. With plotlines and game mechanics involving biotechnology start-ups, body enhancements, and emotional learning systems, Body/Mind/Change presents the plausible science fiction found in Cronenberg’s work as science fact. With this multi-platform immersive narrative ride players experience first-hand the emotional steps involved in merging with technology to transform and evolve oneself, one of the key themes Cronenberg explores in his works.